I want more local friends- but

It’s honestly so hard to maintain a solid relationship…

Or at least for me.
It’s a lot of work.

Both of you have to want the friendship and work at it…



Very true. I for too long have worked hard on a friendship but I had to give up on it bc I was getting nothing back. It bothered me at first but then I made a vow to myself not to chase after people anymore.

I’d rather have one solid friend than a hundred crappy ones.




Sadly I don’t know that I even have 1 solid friend :confused:


I am working on a friend now and she happily talks to me and knows my challenges though she is a bit older than me she always invites me over and I try to carry a conversation when we get together.

I’ve been screwed so many times that it is hard to keep trying. Social anxiety and the sza does not make it easy.

Good thing I have a therapist I trust to work through these issues.


I struggle with these things — I make friends but they always want me to drive them into sketchy situations and sketchy trashy whore types — tweakers and ghetto
When you have a car people take advantage of it

Personally I dont use.

And most friends eff you over any way

My best advice is make aquaintances, not friends

You can’t trust a drug addict.

I quit talking to everyone I knew when I stopped drugs. It made me a better judge of character. I don’t have many friends now but the ones I do have are solid.

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