I want friends with my same condition

I am very alone in my country (Spain) I don’t find people who suffers exactly the same symptoms I suffer and the people around me can not understand me enough well. I would like to find people like me and be less alone but it’s difficult to make friends. I hope soon things can change. My life is very sad. At 31,alone, with a chronic illness, no friends, no job. I see people I used to know how they have achieve their dreams and I got very sad. I am a a failed.


I have felt exactly like that for over a decade. I have hope I can make friends even if it’s just online.

I know what you mean. But you shouldn’t compare yourself to these people.

They probably don’t have an easy life anyway : marriage problems, work problems, children’s problems.

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We are your friends with the same condition !

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I’ll be your friend :blush:

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Aren’t there day treatment or groups for schizophrenics in your country?

Sos de España? Yo hablo español pero no lo se, yo desconfío de todo el mundo. Podrías ser tu el hacker que me está fastidiando.

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