I want buy something that is not essential

I haven’t bought something that is not essential in a long time. Does anybody have any ideas. My interests are the drums, soccer, music…You can say anything as well and then I will decide what I’m interested in!!

A musical soccer ball that you can hit with drumsticks ! :grinning:


Headphones that you use at home, or earphones for on the go. It makes a huge difference to the sound of the music.

I use AudioTechnica M50’s at home and Shure S215 when Im out.

Id recommend these https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/momentum-headphones-in-ear too. Probably the best sounding earphones I ever had, but unfortunately they didn’t last as long as Id like (only a year or so).

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I just signed up for a month of guitar lessons.

I also bought the Nintendo switch recently and it’s awesome. No chit, I didn’t think I’d be into it. But it’s so much fun.

I felt the same way and ended up buying myself some new pink slippers. I love them so. Pink!

You could get some of the men’s slippers for yourself, I bought some for my son and he loves them, they’re the best.

Thanks leaf…151515

I just bought a bucket of Muscle Milk(protein powder shake) for 29.95 $. That helped a little bit, but I’m still not satisfied.

I just bought $50 worth of clothes. I guess that’s sort of essential. Also recently got wireless earbuds.

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