I want a new tattoo of

A female Cthulhu in a cage looking kinda seductive ether on my back or left hip… Thoughts?

I’m not sure how an octopus would look seductive. :thinking:

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Oh my sweet summer child, you obviously hang around the nicer internet neighborhoods.


Get it drawn out on paper Frist! So you can really 100% the look a must for all.
And find a really really good artist to do it
Biggest thing of all can you live it with forever!
I always wanted on a tatoo never going to get one

I got three and a friend of mine boyfriend is really good at tattoos and will give me a great deal

Life is short, get the tattoo; why not? That is, if you’re confident that the artist can give you something you will always like. I have a few myself, working on a couple ideas for new ink to get in the near future. Mostly a matter of having the money for it now.

Maybe draw a picture of what it would look like.