I want a new tatoo

I want something really simple and a lot smaller than this but i like the blue tones and the lines on this one…I don’t want all this detail… just simple basic design




I want something this size but don’t like the deisn…


Go for it ish …its suits u …there may be lot of other design at the tatto center…

I want a new one too!
… But I can’t afford it.

Do you have tattoos, far cry?


Didn’t you get a tattoo removed? I’d think twice before getting another one.

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I want a new one, too. Thinking about getting a third eye below the peace sign.

Here is my newest one after a month and a half.



yeah it was a spur of the moment to decision to get it… just trying to find an artist that will work with me to let me sit on the decision to get it… :slight_smile:

i mean i want them to design it but wait a while for me to get it… some just show you the design on the day… now thats what i DONT want.

is this a peace sign? :slight_smile:

Yes it is


I like ittttttttttttttttt!!! :smiley:

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Thank you!!


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The tattoos I’ve gotten were drawn out right before I got them; I’m thinking that’s standard practice. I doubt many artists are going to be willing to draw it out and then hold onto the drawing while you think about it. They definitely are not going to let you keep the drawing while you think about it, rightly so considering you could take their design to a different artist, then that artist profits off of the design they created.

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I’m happy two pay for two sittings. I have mentioned this to her. No response though.

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I want another tattoo, as well. I have a design in mind, though my artist always takes my ideas and improves upon them. It’s going to be a while before I can afford one. Maybe late winter or early spring when I get my tax refund, if I get much of one.

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I’m too scared to get a tattoo. My sister has a few and my mom even has a little hummingbird on her ankle. But me. I change my interests so much that I don’t know the solid me to parade what I feel.

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I dont have andrey…i am just too scared to prick a tattoo…