I want a lift, a blow out of my mind!

Sometimes i experience some lift in my emotions for a brief moment. And it feels good!!! So maybe thats what i need at the end? I almost need to blow my fuckind bad or unrealistic thoughts from my mind :open_mouth:. Is it possible for the lithium to take rid of the bad thoughts, please? The zyprexa didnt do this. I ruminate so much just some dumb things that i feel some physical pressure in my head… or you dont believe that meds will work on the bad thoughts or the confusion? No need to say that i almost dont have a personnality because of this illness :smirk:… maybe its the falseness of the insanity,idk… but really, i would like some lift already, i need to feel with heart and soul, but i am not sure lithium will work. Maybe its too much to want from a med regarding my illness…
P.s. i just listened to smells like teen spirit now, its good :grinning: i couldnt feel it in the past when it was a hit, yeah…


Hey, do you understand me people? I guess some of you had this famous lift from some of the meds… from which one please? Ads? my ap dont give me a lift at all. It doesn’t even calm my fears, its strange… I want feelings already, its very painful to live with a pain in my soul instead of feelings…

I’m trying to understand what you wrote.
Do you feel numb, is that what you’re saying?

Pain in your soul is feelings too, and maybe the numbness comes from you un-knowingly trying to protect yourself from feeling those negative feelings?

Lithium can be an amazing drug but lifted is not one of the side effects.

Hang in there , stay positive

Yes, berru, I guess that pain in the soul is feelings too. But its painful. Maybe my illness is really a try to protect myself like you say. I feel it even like I have thought and emotional blockages. I would like that some med will help me to destroy these blockages yeap :slight_smile: I feel myself like I became too closed for everything. Maybe the lithium can help me to relax on this and discover a whole new world. Maybe the lift that I expect is too much and still not a normal state, heh. I have this strange symptom that I feel a lot of pressure in my head. It feels like I feel my brain. I know its not possible but I focus a lot on this area of my body. The Zyprexa never helped me on this. So, lets see with the lithium yes. Maybe its a good thing that he is quite sedative isn’t it?
hugs to you people

I ruminate too, but if you take folate, about 1000-2000mg. better look it up, you wont. lithium might help. took it once cant remember