I wanna stop my med

I feel stuck in a bad relationship and I’m worried to leave and stopping the relationship the only thing that makes me feel good is smoking and that makes me manic I just prefer to be sick than take on the real world I can’t handle it

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Stay on meds! Trust me, you don’t want to stop taking them.

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yea i wouldn’t stop either. chances are high you’ll relapse… but if you really want to go through with it then talk about it with your pdoc.


Stop constantly calling out @ZombieMombie on her AP usage. She is in concert with her Pdoc. You are not her doctor.


It sounds like you’re in a difficult situation which you are finding hard to escape from. It sounds like things need to change for you, but I wouldn’t recommend stopping meds to get free.

How was life before you went on meds? Why did you need meds in the first place?

I needed to escape an abusive relationship and stopped 30mg of abilify, gradually over time. The probelm was, although I was able to walk away from my abuser, I managed to trash my old life in the process.

I recommend you consult your dr about the meds and the relationship. You’ll likely find yourself stronger and in a better position with your mental health if you keep on your medication.


Suspended. I warned people. I’m not playing.


Fair warning your illness can get a lot worse if you want to be sick.
Im not sure why you would want to be sick,. You probably just like hypomania. A full manic episode can get pretty friggen messy.


I feel like this a lot. Even when treated with meds it doesn’t fix everything, and leaves us in purgatory

That’s unless you find a med that works well for you

Amisulpride was that med for me, but they discovered the side effect of QTC Prolongation and my pdoc wanted me off it

Kinda sucks.

I know how you feel when you say the above.

The real world is hard enough as it is, unless of course you’re born into a favourable circumstance - that’s true of everyone though


Find someone to help you get out of the abusive relationship. If your having trouble with meds maybe quit the ones that give bad side effects and keep the ones that help.

For me it’s the opposite. If I quit my meds the real world comes creeping in slowly. I want to try and handle it. But for now I’m stuck on meds.

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Your meds and your relationship should be separate issues. First work on yourself, ie get your meds and mental health sorted out so that you are in a better head space. Then when your head is clearer, work on your relationship with your partner. If your relationship is toxic, separate yourself from them for a short time to focus on your mental health. Then focus on your relationships with others. You can also do self therapy and couples therapy. Those are useful.


Every time I’ve stopped my meds I’ve been hospitalized. I wouldn’t recommend it. I know we go through these periods of wellness that makes us feel like we don’t need meds anymore, but trust me it’s just a season. You’ll get through this but you’ve got to stay on top of meds.


Stopping meds is not a good idea when you’re constantly dealing with stress and symptoms.

A few people here like to whine about me “not being on meds” which isn’t entirely true. I take antidepressants. I also have a risperdone prescription just in case my symptoms come back and have had it as PRN for years now. I am absolutely NOT anti med and can tell you meds saved my sanity.

Going off APs should be reserved for when you’re in a very stable place for a long time. Then you reduce meds slowly. If you stay stable on a lower dose, try again and continue this until you’re off totally.

Then you need to be vigilant and continue therapy and watching out for any positive symptoms. I continue to have residual and breakthrough symptoms, but they are not strong enough to warrant extra treatment. Therapy has given me the tools to cope, plus i have good insight.

Having insight is key to coping off APs. You have to be able to tell when things are going sideways. Three years ago I tried this and failed. This time I’ve been off AP for over a year.

Don’t jump into it and take an honest look at your symptoms before making a decision that could land you in a psych ward.


I have tried stopping and even dosing down and that was never good. The last time I stopped I made it 4 days and on the 5th morning my wife drove me to the ER. I don’t remember much. I was out of it. Don’t remember the first 4 or 5 days in the hospital at all. Not a good feeling


You can take your meds and face the world at your own pace. I stopped taking my meds for about a year and regret doin so. Talk to your doctor. If you don’t trust him or her get a new doctor.


Getting off my meds is NOT an option for me.


I feel like this a lot but when I stopped it was always a bad idea and I got ill again and in hospital several times

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