I wanna post something just not sure what

Its been a minute since ive been active on here. im doing ok ig. ive been better. i just really love communicating with similar people who relate on here. im just a lil bit creatively bankcrupy and im not sure what to post. so what yall up to?


I am laying in my bed

It is 4:27am

Enjoying some time to reflect on my life

Excited about getting a back up generator for my house, we’ll I live with my parents

Anxious about my dad selling or renting our house in Florida and buying house to rent in Michigan

Listening to a lot of Jazz music


Its 5 PM here and 91.4F

I am like “happy and you know it clap you hands clap clap :clap:

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I just packed my bags for the 3 day car trip starting tomorrow.


hey man nice. im chilling in bed, 4:40 am here. i got a ps3 today and im playing it a bit. im also stressed, my parents are moving to NC and im stuck in ME. they are leaving in may and if im up to date on my debt repayments, i should be debt free only in june, so for a few weeks i need to figure out my housing. but other than that, things are great. ive been hallucinating less but they started again for the last few days.

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