I wanna become an idol!


i just came back from the psych ward, and it was a wonderful stay! :slight_smile: i learned alot and my Psychiatrist taught me that schizophrenia shouldn’t hold me from my dreams. i’ve taken alot of this idea to mind, and i wanna become an idol for other schizophrenics. i want to become an astronomer and (hopefully) discover something mindtwisting! to help other schizophrenics (and others schizo-conditions) understand that it shouldn’t hold them back either.

i havn’t found any information on schizophrenic Professors in astronomy. so do you think this would be a good idea? or am i not the first one at this race?

Anders :slight_smile:


It’s probably not impossible for you to be an astronomer, it would just be harder for you than it is for other people.

I think studying astronomy is a great life choice! Space is awesome, and it seems like a fairly low stress job.

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:slight_smile: Wish you all the best

Good luck @anders.16 , you seem to have a very good attitude, that’s half the battle.

Good Luck and go for anything you think you can do, only fail you could experience is not trying.