I wanna be sedated

Right before bed…but not during the day…but its either sedate or pace…that choice sucks…


I want to be sedated, and live far away in my sedated state for at least a year. Take a break from reality, for reality is killing me.


I took Klonopin for a good while. It did kind of smooth out the rough edges of life.

Can you ask your doctor for sleeping tablets like temazepam?

I love sleep. I wish I could just fall into a coma at home for a year or so.

Sometimes I want to be sedated just because of symptoms :frowning:

This is my issue…pace or sedate…

I was just pacing 5 min ago. I really need to go see a friend or something to get my mind off random stuff. I feel like when I am bored I pace more.


I already had pacing issues but my ap is making it interfere with everything…

Are you saying certain meds are making you pace?

No I USTA pace before or trot when I was sitting…but the meds are making it go from quirk to cumbersome…

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Lol I put everything in the lounge…its usually right…

Nah, since this is a more serious topic, I moved it to Dx’d.

I occasionally take benadryl at night when I have a flare up of allergy symptoms and itchy skin/eczema. One side effect is sedation which is why I only take it at night.

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I’m sorry, I wish I could help you, @flameoftherhine.

I read here that l theanine can help with anxiety and sleep, I’ve never tried it, but maybe that or talk about it to your doc?

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@coolfool this is the exact same song I thought of when I read the title to this thread.

And to the op, I have been having a lot of panic attacks lately. I get paranoid my pdoc is talking to a past pdoc and they don’t want to give me any benzos because of my past drinking problem.

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@coolfool that was the song I was thinking of when naming it lol

@azteccelt it was the first thing that came to mind after reading the title also, so I felt the need to post it :smile: and maybe @flameoftherhine could relate to it, which seems he had already.