I walked over 9 miles today!

I walked over 9 miles today! - way over 2 hours! according to my tracking device on my smartphone.

Got to talk to my pdoc again, it seems like the Risperdal is still giving me Akathisia and Agitation even when I lowered the dose to my current dose of 2.5 mg!

I am getting tired of this crap - its getting old and tiresome - she needs to know that the Risperdal is the source of my increased Agitation and Anxiety/OCD - Thank goodness I did not raise the Risperdal dose even higher like she told me to do.

I see my pdoc in like 3 more days, hope I can make it till then!


9 miles. Cool. That would be a impressive distance even for someone in their teens or early twenties. Good luck on toughing out the three days.

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Well done! I used to get bad akathisia with Modecate - changed to Olanzapine and I’m OK now.

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Good of you to be in tune with body and senses. Hop they get it figured out. Long life to you wave.

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Would Benadryl ease the Akathisia? I know that it reduces some side effects of ap’s like tremors.

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I think that it sometimes helps, the problem is that I am super sensitive to meds - Benedryl has knocked me out in the past- hopefully I can make it and see her in a couple of days - I have Klonopin just in case


Goooood Mooooon -

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How did you manage to walk 9 miles? An exercise walk?

Walking in my House, believe it or not, throughout the day - outside in the neighborhood also

Awesome! Keep up the exercise daily without pushing yourself too hard!

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Do you have stairs in your house?

It’s one floor living

Thats great I currently work a job where I walk a lot and im thinking about tracking my mileage to see just how much I walk.

May I advise that you keep up the good work? and make sure that you have good shoes.

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Walking up hills is good when you feel you can do it.

It’s good that you’re walking. I tried to do no impact aerobics but the wood floor started creaking.

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Sounds like you are walking off the agitation and anxiety. Maybe try adding some calm to your day with a herbal remedy. At least the walking is healthy though two hours plus might be a lot. Hope the medication gets sorted…

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You said it all - thank you