I walked out of IOP: advice?

I started having a panic attack during group therapy today. Some people were discussing some triggering things. I tried to cool down and couldn’t.

I told the instructor I needed to leave. She said okay and that I should call her to discuss later.

Well it’s later. Now I’m so afraid to call her and tell her what happened. Any advice?


I say tell her what happened. :duck::duck::duck:


Im worried I’m going to be kicked out.

I worked so hard to get into this place.

If you don’t know what to say or feel nervous about phone calls,

Just dial her number and let her lead the conversation.

It’s much easier that way.


In all likely hood this wouldn’t be the first time she has seen this happen with a patient. If she is a cool therapist I’m sure she’ll be understanding and you shouldn’t really have anything to worry about calling her.

I talked to the clinician. It went okay. I’m not kicked out.


Just tell her. She’s very experienced with people who have mental illness, including anxiety. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just explain to her your anxiety was too high because you were triggered. It’s ok you walked out. It really is.


that’s great. well done @bittercat

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