I walked on water today, well at least on ice

In this morning I have exercised a lot. I also had my 1-hour walk on ice today, I went to my local beach, the lake is still frozen, but people seemed to have fun, some did ice fishing and some people played ice golf, in this morning I also read the Siberian Times and there was an article how people played ice golf on the lake of Baikal in Siberia. Any way it was fun to walk on ice.


Woohoo. Looks like fun. Looks beautiful too.

Yep, it is a beautiful day, but seriously I need my exercising because my legs are quite weak, even older men in their 70s walk faster than I do, this exercising is good for my legs so that my condition would not become worse.

Any excerscise in good. I just started walking again after so many years. I went into the city today, and there was a naked bike ride. There were hundreds of riders riding in the nude lol. They inspired me to excersise ( I’ll be exercising with my clothes on though):smile:

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@mjseu as the weather starts warming up and ice and snow starts melting, how do you know when it’s no longer safe to walk out onto the frozen lake?

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I do not know, people just know, then there are news how thick the ice is.