I volunteered today

I volunteer at a nursing home down the street. I volunteer for a church associated organization that I have been with for the past eleven years. I love my volunteer job. I visit with the elderly and/ or sick residents and try to engage them in friendly conversation. I try to attend to their little needs and concerns within the scope of my volunteer job description. It is a very fun and rewarding endeavor that I engage in for one hour every week.

In addition to this, all of us volunteers meet one day a week for an hour and a half where we conduct minutes and say prayers and hold like a business meeting. I’m the Secretary.

Then, every month, some of us go to a big monthly meeting of city wide members as well. It keeps me busy.


It’s great that you’re able to do all that. You sound like you’re in a very good place mentally. Well done !


sounds like fun :slight_smile:

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