I visited the city's mental health club by chance

Someone at work asked if I wanted to come along to see one of our customers exhibition. Turns out she had the showing at the mental health club where she was a member.

So now that I know where it is and have been there it doesen’t seem so scary to maybe try visit again.


My clubhouse is my lifeline…a place to eat, watch TV, play games, and socialize. When I first went to it I was shy and just sat in the corner, but now I have good friends there and am a member of the board.


I’m at the stage you were at it is very difficult for me to approach people or take initiative to socialize thwre

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I havent heard of these mental health clubs you speak of. What are they exactly?

It’s a place where people who have or have had psychiatric illness gets together to socialize and do hobbies together. They have different rooms for different hobbies at this healtclub. Like woodwork, painting, cheramics, music room, some people cook for the others, and they arrange communal walks once a week. But you can also come and just sit in the main room, play boardgames, read the newspaper or talk to others.

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That sounds great. Not sure if theres one near where i live though.

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