I’ve just given up smoking and need a chat

Given up smoking since 7.5 hours. Feeling good. Bit restless. Need someone to chat to.

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We can chat. Are you feeling any better?

Yeah I feel ok. Just bored. Went for swim to sea today, then had fish and chips and went for walk. Did you have a nice day?


I had a good day. Hanging out with my 10 year old. We went swimming. I’m teaching her. I’m jealous you got to swim in the sea. I love ocean swimming.

Nice you have a child. Would love one.

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Well I’ve got five. It’s a large number. But I hope you can fulfill your dreams in life. It’s hard raising children, but so worth it.

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Great. What age are you? Do you have any symptoms? I’m one of five.

Smoker here. How did you quit ?

A drug called Zyban. Takes physical cravings away. Also eating mints.

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I’m almost forty. Yah, I have schizoeffective disorder. Originally diagnosed with schiz. I only suggest raising kids when you are stable though. It’s easier that way, because parenthood requires lifelong dedication towards others. Some times self care is impossible. I’m one of five too. I’m the youngest, so everyone says I’m spoiled. Lol

Isnt mental cravings worst

What age were you when you first had a child? I’m 37 but only been stable two years so nervous about having child. Might freeze eggs.

The drug makes it a lot easier and when you have mental craving you can just suck a mint. It replaces it.

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I had my first at 26.

Had you been stable a long time?

Im gonna Ask my doctor

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What are you doing tomorrow ?

Um since I was diagnosed at twenty. It took about five years to stabilize.

Have you ever been in hospital since having kids?

Babysitting nieces and nephew.

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