I’ve gotten so emotional lately

Last night was a clear night with a full moon. I get up to use the washroom at 1:00 a.m. and the kid sis isn’t in bed…. Look around to see that she’s not in the flat at all. That was scary. I look out the window and see she was out on the pier with binoculars, a flashlight and a star map. It was a crystal clear night and there were a lot of stars out last night.

She points out some of her favourite winter constellations and tells me the stories behind them. I asked her how she learned all this.

She tells me that I taught her. When she was little I would help her sneak out of bed, we would go look at the stars. She would sit in my lap with the book and the flashlight and I would have the binoculars and then I would show her the star and make her read the story. She said it was some of her most treasured times with me.

I actually cried. I’ve hardly ever cried as I hardly have the ability. But that one really got to me. I’m getting so emotional lately. :star2:


U are plainly lovely.

That’s a very sweet story :slight_smile: I would be emotional too!



Anthony u are lovely too. :wink:

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You should write your life story and make it a movie, it looks so interesting James :smile:

I cry alot. About different things, mostly about my past and how I just want to move far away from it. I usually laugh to myself about the good times- i remind myself of memories and i chuckle about them to myself. Laughing and crying.


What a treasure for you memory!!

i think like others you should write a book, you have the writing knack.
it would also make a beautiful movie.
take care

The full moon is causing my emotions to peak. Start writing when you feel really emotional or wound up. It helps release emotion thoughts and helps to bring me back down when I’m out there. You have a gift so don’t let it go unnoticed!!

The second anniversary of my mother’s death will come on Jan 1st. I have been very emotional these past few weeks. I, at times, struggle to maintain my composure. So many things I see or hear, movies, songs, news events, etc. strike me down and turn me into an emotional train wreck.