I’ve eaten a ton of corn lately 🌽


Just cooked me up some corn. It is good. Do u like corn. I do. :corn: :ear_of_rice:


Not a big fan… every countrymen here eats corn aand maize…


its ok. I eat it every once in a while. I don’t digest it all that well or else i’d eat more of it.

dr berg the youtube doctor says corn is not really a healthy vegetable nutritionally. he’s ok, just a youtube doctor, he’s big into eating twice a day or less and eating keto.


I wonder what he’d have to say about my ice cream eating habits lol

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Every store and farm produce stand seems to have corn on sale right now, so we’re eating lots of fresh corn. It’s delicious!


I like corn, especially with butter.


I buy fresh corn from our local Church Lady.

I boil it for 10 minutes while adding a tablespoon of sugar…it always turns out sweet and crunchy that way!

How do you cook your corn?

i always found it funny people around here always grow tomatoes and sweet corn in their gardens. i mean we are surrounded by corn fields but they want to grow their own for whatever reason.

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I can’t eat corn due to diverticulitis…

A lot of the corn in the fields are cattle corn


And salt yummy :yum:

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Very good food…

What is diverticulitis?

I love corn, and the way the Mexicans do it here is lovely, they call it ‘Elote’.

So good.

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small holes in yours intestines which corn is known to get in these holes and fester…very painful.

I want corn now yummmyyyy

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I had a few cobs, but still have 4 in the fridge I don’t feel like eating

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