I ‘ve been off meds for about three months and i experience RLS

i quit 1mg of risperidone for three months just after two days of taking it but i now am experiencing RLs, i wonder why because i think taking Aps trigger it instead of quitting Aps will trigger it?

1mg is too small dose.
I was taking 15mg

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What is RLs???

Restless Leg Syndrome.

Anything that produces dopamine can provide temporarily relief.


how r u doing now

yes , so i wonder why even quitting Aps will induce it

Yeah, there’s a chance.

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It’s not. Before I was only taking 2mg of it and it treated me fine. 15mg is an overdose.

Risperidone caused tardive dyskinesia and I changed aps. Now I am better than ever. You?

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not good though…

Did you quit my doctors order?

? what u mean??

Just wanted to know if you quit your medicine with doctor and family support?
I quit on my own a year ago,but was back on it 2 months ago

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no, i made my own decision , i am a very bad patient but i am not doing well without meds

Just becareful and I actually advise against it.How long are you on them?
I have been off meds at least 4 times,but got back on them.Stressor in life is normal,so I think you would still need the meds

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i never took them for look. maybe consecutive few days or 2weeks.

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but i was on antidepressant / deanxit for a long time before, maybe half year -1year

Oh,then it’s easy to stop

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