I’ve been diagnosed with I.G.N.R.M.S

I have stage 4 Ignoramus.

In other words, I’m stupid and make stupid decisions.


You seem pretty intelligent to me and you have a good sense of humor. :slightly_smiling_face:


Today would be a good day to quit drinking then

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You’re a very smart person! I think you should get a second opinion.


I have severe blurting that automatically qualifies me for stage 1

I’m guilty of that on occasion, too.

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I’ve been diagnosed with IDGAF.

(Not about you, I do GAF about you.)

yeah, you are an idiot lol (arent we all) :joy:

Just like this post

you realize some live in the dark, right? :slight_smile:

We should make a separate forum.

how about a separate form. the missing link?

Making stupid decisions is a human trait. We’ve all made a few. My biggest mistake was plunging my life savings into Betamax stock.

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i wish that was my b mistake

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The heck is with some of the people in this thread?

The human race is wrought with bad decisions that never get turned over. Welcome to the world my friend :slight_smile: