I used to talk to my parents each morning

In the kitchen we’d have coffee together and chat. Now that baseball is pretty much over our main talking point is gone. Football and maybe basketball doesn’t seem as exciting this year. Especially as a Jets fan. Now I just isolate in the basement in morning time. I wonder if they think I am disturbed since I don’t chat anymore. Maybe I am. But I feel good today. Still don’t feel like chatting. Poor Don Juan is not getting enough attention imo. Poor kitty i needa make a conscious effort to give him the love he deserves. He’s a picky cat. And I know he’s not happy he lost his original home. But he’s gotten used to it. Still needa give him more love :heart:


Maybe it’s the weather. I can’t believe it didn’t occur. I always get seasonal disturbia. If not depression it’s at least me feeling disturbed

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