I used to have a lot of fun working at the Casino

I liked the actual job itself. It paid to be organized. Which I am. I had two drawers, a cigarette and liquor drawer that started at $500 and on busy days I would do $4000 in sales, and my ticket drawer that was $10,000. I always balanced to the penny both drawers. If I was ever off it was in my inventory and I would find it before I left to make sure I balanced.

But the real fun was joking back and forth with my coworkers. My two favorite people still work there, they are both managers now. We used to have a good time, it was a real party atmosphere. We were expected to keep it light and fun to keep the customers in an upbeat mood the best we could. So it worked well. I miss those days.


Cool. Sounds like fun. :mouse::mouse::mouse:

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