I used to believe

that I was a spy and/or in ISIS and that my coworker was the archangel Gabriel because I was someone very important I got to work with her. Was this a delusion?

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It sure sounds like one to me. Especially the part about the archangel Gabriel being your coworker because you were very important.

Maybe it wasn’t because I was very important. I just thought my coworker was the archangel Gabriel.

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I have a pretty good sense of humour and laugh at my delusion now, but at the time I was convinced it was real.

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So do you think mine was a delusion?

Yeah, sounds like one to me.

Some of my delusions were funny as well. For example I used to collect and boil rainwater because I thought tap water and drinks from the store were poisoned with chemicals. It’s kind of comical actually.


That sounds pretty far-out @Bowens …but then again I heard of the fluoride theory that the water has fluoride in it which is bad for us.

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I’ve read a little bit of fluoride can be good for your teeth, but too much is bad for your pineal gland in your brain, it leads to calcification.

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I heard the same thing. But this is usually considered conspiracy theory, is it not?

No, my toothpaste has fluoride in it, my dad’s mouthwash has fluoride in it. When I go to the dentist they give me a fluoride treatment. Just in very tiny amounts.

Is thinking you are another person psychotic? Like suddenly you believe you became a man you knew?

I’m not an expert on this and know very little about it, but I am just putting this out there for you to read and decide for yourself, but thinking you are another person could be Dissociative Identity Disorder: What Is It, Symptoms & Treatment

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