I Used to be Cool

In my 20’s, I was single and drove a convertible all around town…chicks at my beck and call…not a care in the world.


I’m married with kids. My last car was a Minivan. I know all of my Disney princesses by hair colour?! I get a tingling sensation in my nether region whenever I watch Dick Van Dike dance. I watched Glee and Skating With the Stars…the Finale!!

I think I need to recapture my cool. I’m going to buy some gold chains at The Dollar store and rent a Moped…then drive all around town with my chest hair flowing in the breeze.

Or at 50 years of age, is this possibly my mid-life crisis?


Stuff a sock down there regularly for the next few years and you’ll be fine.


:joy: that gave me a good laugh nick

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I think you’re cool and funny, Patrick. You sure can pack a punch!