I urge you to do this even if

I urge you to disobey the voices even if they can give good advice sometimes. My voices recently have told me to leave town. I don’t think I can survive as a tramp. And my voices have for decades been trying to get me to give up reading. I just am unable. I quit believing in them when I disobeyed them. Funny thing is they were always mean and that helped rebel. I thought recently: Why would I need voices to destroy me when the job is finished? But I can read so I guess I am better off than I suppose. I have become very :new_moon:.


Very what?


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My voices never command anything they just talk about my past mistakes and how im going to die

its also good to have a peer support network/community to be there and keep check. Friends and support reminds me Im not alone and i dont hear voices because im living less in fear than before.

I had very cruel , hateful, disgusting, malicious voices too.

Good you disobey them.

Like that song … “ fu ck you I won’t do as you tell me”….

I try to always say no aswell.
They are not my superior they are my enemies.

If a loved one who respects me and loves me asks me to do something I can say yes or no but more likely i would say yes but my enemies have no place telling me what to do.

They maliciously want to “ govern “ me because they want to think they have power over me and dictate my life and body saying I’m not allowed to exercise and have good things and trying to separate me from my loved ones.

They come in my eyes and body sometimes even though they are not welcome.
I feel so violated.

I pray to get these yucky power crazed people away from me.

I don’t want to obey anyone ever.

If someone wants me to do something then they can ask respectfully if they live and appreciate me and I can say yes or no.

You might often find power crazed ones at homeless shelters where they want to disrespect the homeless and think they are to obey and they are superior and I have a friend on Facebook who said he rather live on the street than get treated like sh it and bossed about by these yucky ones.

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I don’t handle fear well so if they scared me I might crumble.
I hope not but i know I’m a pu ssy.
As a person I am.

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