I upped my Klonopin with 0.5 mg i was already taking 1 mg

i upped my Klonopin with 0.5 i was already taking 1 mg twice daily and i feel an anti depressant effect since a day

i found a study any command on this ?

How much are you taking now?

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1.5 mg twice daily
I didnt knew this had anti depressant properties i am Taking this for 2 years and felt more depressed

Does it help u with depresaion…

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Benzos make us feel good. Too bad theyre addictive

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Hey far_cry0 for the moment it does but it might be after effects of the glycine i just dont know

One of my biggest regrets in life was getting the doctor to up my klonopin because I developed a tolerance to it. I didn’t up it any more but it eventually became ineffective.

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For me too this med works wonders but I try to avoid it when I can :/… It lifts my negative thoughts as well too :).

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i think this might be the case with me too

Did your pdoc approve the raise? You have to be careful with benzos.

Klonopin works pretty well for me. I don’t need it every day. The max I ever let myself take is 2 .5mg pills.