I understand the pain of rejection and feeling unloved

It’s a deep and harrowing :weary: pain. I also thought I was ugly and no man would want me. But people listen things can get better. This is a healing place.


I think your assuming all men are the same.
There are differences in all men.

Find the one who would love you.


I am just praying and hoping that i will meet someone. nothing on the horizon atm, i like my neighbour but she is 16 yrs older than me and i was hoping to have a family, i am praying really hard about this,

I feel like i would be a good dad although i’d struggle to provide bc i struggle with anxiety so i might need some financial help, i dont see a woman wanting to go with a guy on benefits though unless she was too :frowning:

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No. I used to feel that way. I don’t anymore. I’ve learned through time that all men are not whores and that some men can appreciate a woman for her intellect and her heart. My dad was an ■■■■■■■ to women and it really messed me up. It really hurt me but


I’m sorry to hear that your Dad was that way to women and it hurt you.
I’m glad your perspective is different.


You are not ugly @Loke. Hope you find someone who will treat you with kindness and respect.


I’m so sad you’ve been rejected. You deserve love.There really are good men out there I hope you find one someday who is just right for you


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