I try not to be negative. I know I'll find a job

After all if I wasn’t good my 3 month contract would not have lasted 18 months.


i hope you do @anon80629714 that is quite a achievement. when i was ill after i quit school i got a temp job at walmart. working lawn and garden then they moved me to full time job in clothes but my illness got worse so i lost my job.

I’m sure you will find a job, @anon80629714. For a 3 month job to be extended to 18 months, you must be a good worker. Best wishes in your job search.

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I don’t know about Britain but here in America job market is tough. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while.

With your BP are you recording your moods? Helps to find your triggers. With the job would just add to the confusion. Can’t see you being out work for too long if you put your mind to it.

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