I tried to do compassion meditation

In the past. But I find that I don’t have the energy to wish everyone well in the world every daily meditation time
I just focus on myself. And care about friends.
And ppl that I like and know.

What kind of person does that make me that I can’t wish the whole world well on a daily basis.

Is it OK?

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Yes! Why should you care about everyone? There’s some malignant narcissism baked into that.

Obviously don’t screw over people with that logic either, but don’t care about factors outside your control.

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I love people. Even the majority of them who are evil, ignorant, arrogant, bad people. I love them all, I can’t help it


I’d love to wish the whole world well every day but maybe I’m just not mature enough. Idk

Doesn’t mean I wish them harm … I just can’t be bothered to wish them all well
… Its so exhausting

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Specific ppl come to mind that I don’t want to send daily well wishes to.

That’s awesome…

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SoO0…, Caring About Living in a Coexisting, Peacefully Content, Existence is Negative?.

And Harmful (???)… . … :sleeping:

It’s pretty wasteful of your energy to wish well on everyone. If you care about people, help them. That’s more meaningful than well wishing.

Otherwise you’re just making yourself feel bad about things you can’t control.


You are a good person… just the thought of wanting to be able to do it every day counts… do it when you can…

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Well Wishing is The First Step. If You Toss Caring About Those Jus Outside of Your Vicinity in Some Meaningful Passionate Way, You Won’t Even Begin to Take The First Step to Help in The First Place.

Your Argument is Invalid.

You are glossing over the first part of my post.

Distinct difference between everyone and some.

True. Individuality Plays an Essential Role in All of Our Parts in The Theater of The Universe.

Touched on The Subject of Individuality.

But!, Caring About People, a Sense of Love, And Hope, For Those Outside of Yourself is Not a Terrible Thing. Strange to Wish Negativity Upon Those Wishing For Hope. In The Thought of Self Defeat. For Being Confused About Being a Caring Individual.

Jus Strange.

words to live by. thank you

It is negative if you force it, yea. Which is what I’d be doing. If I want to wish every single person well on the planet that’s not negative but forcing it is destructive in every way, or pretending to myself rather, yea that is negative. I have wished Every1 well but I don’t have the spiritual energy to do so every day. For some reason.

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