I tried the text crisis line

I waited nearly 4 hours for a response.

I’m not sure if that’s typical, but I do realize these are volunteers and they’re providing a free humanitarian service. I am grateful that it’s available.

I was uncomfortable however with how deep the volunteer wanted me to drill down into what was going on. I was having some extreme PTSD symptoms, and he kept asking why and what do you mean by that to everything I said. I told him I didn’t feel safe in my body and he was like what does that mean and why why why. It made me feel more worked up to be honest. I was having trouble finding the words.

Finally I told him that I was feeling better and goodnight so he would stop. In hindsight I should have just said his questions were overwhelming for me, but I was paranoid and super scared.

Anyhow, I will probably try them again at some point but not a good first experience for me.

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He was probably just trying to ask open ended questions and struggling …hope it was helpful!

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I didn’t like it when I used them. They’re were too structured with what they said. It didn’t feel like a real conversation, not like they were sticking to a script. It didn’t seem helpful. I left more frustrated than I started.

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oh man that is upsetting you didn’t get the help you needed…sorry .

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