I treat schizophrenia like a cocoon

In order to escape schizophrenia you must make a new mind for yourself. Letting the old one peel away and be left behind. The first step is learning to stop thinking if only for a brief series of moments. The second step is training your new mind on how to think, how to be positive, hopeful, and free flowing. This is working for me. The farther away from using my old mind the quieter my voices and the less intrusive my thoughts. Quit rationalizing the self. Detach. Be humored. Think about things outside yourself. Learn to depend on them and be like them. Solid things. People even. Listen to your environment.


You are exactly where I was about two years ago. Congratulations. I’m glad your are feeing better, getting stronger and finding hope.

This is very cool and exciting. learning how to be positive, and hopeful is no easy task. The fact that your starting to do it is very good news.

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Yeah, this is good news @BryanAshley - this is a very positive step forward. Great advice :thumbsup:

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Thanks guys. I’m inspired by the growth I’ve gone through to continue to grow. Its a lot less stressful to have a positive outlook. Took a while to figure it out though.


Yes, I find the sz cocoon confining and want to peel it off, too.

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I’m still afraid on some levels that everyone is telepathic but me. I hear spoken words now when I’m around people. The telepath is largely under my control but there have been moments when the reality that they are reading my mind is clear. I have to just shrug all that ■■■■ off and keep focused and pretend its not or at least thats how I feel. It’s a different kind of hallucination.

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