I took my first electric motorcycle ride of the year

I’m not sure where I put the video camera for it. Was planning on recording the first ride of the year.

Anyway, it was 10 degrees warmer than I thought it was going to be at 60f so I got about a 15 minute ride into today.

Only got up to about 27mph because I stayed in the residential area for the ride.

Anyway, kinda fun.

Here’s a pic of it charging from last year.


I’d love to live in the Bay area and own one of these. I’d need a secure garage so it doesn’t get stolen but living somewhere with densely packed shops and great weather would mean you could use this in lieu of a car most days, just sounds fun to me.


It is fun. The only thing I dont like about it is that it makes it feel like you are going 60mph when you are going 35 or 40.

It makes maxxing it out a very scary proposition and something I have not done yet.

Edit: also very bumpy and such on imperfect roads when high speed.


Going over 30 mph on something that small can feel unnerving, as a child I used to ride a gas powered pocketbike around my grampa’s neighborhood when he owned it, and it made me feel like I was flying lol.


Yeah cool bit of kit. Not sure how it would fit into our road rules though?

Do you have to register it for road use over there? Like our electric scooters and such need to be registered but smaller electric scooters don’t need to be…

It looks the business though so enjoy your riding!


Be careful riding that.

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We need to race, mang. I’ll put my Synergy Storm up against it.


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Yeah, you do. It was classified as a motorcycle on the documentation I used to get the title and registration. But I got that taken care of.

THe rules in my state are similar to yours as well. I believe I wouldve probably had to end up registering it as a motorcycle in our state even if it wasn’t classified as one on ducumentation once they figured out specs. It was all new to them for that particular motorcycle in this area, so it took a bit of work. Including getting modified documentation from the people who shipped.

They wanted an odometer reading on bike with no miles for goodness sake. Among other things.


lol. Yeah, the winner of that race would likely be dependent on the quality of racing surface. If I remember correctly, your specs for speed are slightly higher than mine, but you have itty bitty wheels and not much or no suspension. So a very smooth road you would likely have the edge, but anything with bumps in it might present a problem.

That is unfair. I have suspension. It feels like what Fred Flinstone had in his car, but it still counts! It is potholes I live in fear of. Bumps themselves aren’t so bad once you get the hang of it.

Edit: I had a hilarious moment last summer when a teen on one of those little Honda 50cc Spree scooters putted past me and made a derogatory comment about my ride. I toggled the front motor and blew past him so fast I nearly sucked his helmet off. He wasn’t able to catch me. I heard the OH FXXX as I shot past him. LOLOLOL.



It wasnt even assembled when I got it!

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Lol, it was just one tire and the accessories. The bulk of it was assembled. But one of the accessories you had to put on and plug in was the Odometer, so it wouldve been difficult to ride and put on miles prior to shipping :stuck_out_tongue:.

Edit: I think we put on and connected the brakes as well, if i remember right, so some vital components to riding. lol

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My Circooter Raptor Pro came folded in half - I just had to put it straight up and clamp the bars upright. I don’t know what state the Storm came in as the dealership in Calgary assembled it for me and added the turn signals as they were an option you bought separately.

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Bowens Mane!

You’re out there doing thangs. Going for rides on your motorcycle. Being a badass. LOL.


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Thanks @Montezuma . I’m sure I look more strange than badass with my helmet with the cam holder and candy orange bike colors, but I’ll take it :stuck_out_tongue: .

There is how the bike came without tire and accessories attached. Had to search through history to find it , but I thought I had a pic.


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