I took a depression test online

Here’s what I got :

Severe depression

Based upon your responses to this depression quiz, you appear to be suffering from a severe depression. People who have answered similarly to you typically qualify for a diagnosis of major depression and have sought professional treatment for this disorder.

Now. Do I have depression or just negative symptoms? I suppose I took the test because I was feeling depressed. :confused:


Those online tests have less validity than Magic 8 Ball.


I got mild/moderate depression from the test. I don’t feel depressed at all.


I scored a 58 - Severe Depression.
Could be negative symptoms though.
Maybe it’s both.


I got a 67 but I think it’s mostly just negatives.


I got a 66, severe depression. I think it’s the negatives, but I also think I’m very depressed about my negatives, so both probably? Either way, I’m not having very much fun.


24- Mild/moderate depression

Based upon your responses to this depression quiz, you appear to be suffering from a **mild to moderate [depressive disorder]

I feel rather hopeless and worthless but not particularly depressed. As people say it’s hard to tease out the negatives from depression.

However- Depression severity rating 8



Based on your responses today it’s unlikely you’re suffering from depression.


Your score is 10 out of 27

Thanks for taking time to complete the questions. It sounds like you’re finding life a bit tough right now and it looks like you’re experiencing some symptoms of mild depression


You have moderate symptoms of depression


So basically it’s a crap shoot.

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I don’t buy it. I answered not at all to almost everything, but I’m very fidgety because of my Tourette’s and I never sleep because of my brain damage. So those were extreme yesses.

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No depression

You have answered this self-report questionnaire in such a way as to suggest that you do not likely currently suffer from a depressive disorder. You should not take this as a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment in any way, though. You experience the normal ups and downs of life.

I scored a 6 meaning no depression. I credit Gd, all my meds, and my coping skills that I practice daily.

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