I took a bubble bath 🛀

Bath bomb, dead sea salt.
15 minutes in hot water with a sheet mask on.

Then I took a cold shower, exfoliated my body, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask.

Then I moisturized my body, did another hydrating sheet mask, hair conditioner, hair oil.

Foot mask.


I just exfoliated and did a Hair Mask too!

I got it from the Dollar Store!! :joy:


I combed my hair twice today.


I feel really dirty tbh, but I don’t usually shower more than once in the morning.
It’s too overwhelming to do that…

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I just threw a plastic Dollar Store bag on my head…my daughter couldn’t stop laughing when she took the picture! :smile:

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My baths consisted of me smoking a joint and passing out in the bathtub and hopefully not drowning.

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I took a bath with CBD infused epsom salts that smelled AMAZING. Then took a second bath too wash up. Then did face and body lotion and even brushed my hair!

Super fancy pants for me.


Let me guess lush?

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Me too, but they made me give it back.


So far, so good.


Wow, that is quite some self-pampering you’ve given yourself. You must feel like a million bucks! I haven’t even brushed my hair today, let alone exfoliating and hydrating. I must put more effort into it.

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Yes it was a Lush bath bomb but usually I pick lots of different ones.

Sounds fantastic!

Actually it has a huge health benefit, I woke up feeling great today after a week of roller coaster. Salt bath helps a lot.

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Sounds like a war zone :open_mouth: any pics? :crazy_face: :rofl:

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I think I’m gonna take another bath today, it made me feel great.

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