I took 30 mg Abilify

lol guys

I took 30 mg Abilify last night and now I am in total control, senses.

And now, I realise that the best quote in entire existence and entire life is my past quote

Happiness revolves around ownership and or psychosis. - Sagar Gorijala.


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hey way u need to see ur p doc …!!! they say Indian therapist and pdoc are finest in the world …!!

Oh my god that is not how medication works. Please just do what your doctor tells you.

Are you seeing a doctor? I’m worried about you.

I hope you can find a med that works for you and you can take regularly. I always like your posts.

Today I bought 5 mg abilify strips and I am going to continue taking 5 mg abilify every night for months to come

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when u used to be in olanazapine what dose were u …!!! 20 mg right …!!

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Olanazapine is best in such conditions. Who sell him drugs without doctor’s advice.

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he too needs doctor advise like me…!!! i am just looking for good service…one must have faith on med and doctor …!!!

In start it is controlled by injections, than comes to tablet, and tablets continue whole life.

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hi aku i want to be on abilify …!!!

do u mean it is available in injection in india its must be super expensive …!!!

Abilify does nothing, you remain the same. But olanazapine change life, you really go out of your life with 10 mg olanazapine.

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It cost only 200 USD, 22 years ago for me for one week treatment.

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yes i was good on 10mg olanazapine …but it never lasted long for me …!!!

So you reduce it to 2 mg than comes to abilify.

i even don’t know abilify is available in my country …!!! what about 10 mg abilify …!!!

It won’t works for your situation, I used it for 2 years.

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which drug are u talking about …!!!