I took 0.5mg of Xanax yesterday afternoon

It made me more focus,take it at 2.30pm and it last until 8pm more…

I was also quite social when I went playing futsal yesterday at night which starts at 9pm to 11pm


Sounds good @Gtx1990 - Benzos can make you more social

Bro @wave,I donno if it’s the benzo or the interest in Futsal made me social,I think the futsal more…benzo made me sleepy…

Well it might have been both - but glad that you had a good time just the same :smile:

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Yes man thanks a lot,I remember you told me benzo can make people physically dependant on it…it’s making me sleepy maybe it’s not so suitable for me but I will not conclude it so fast.Futsal is nice,really

As long as you take it as needed/prescribed you should be fine