I told psychiatrist about the homicidal voices

But he said nothing.
He asked me if I am absorbed in voices and delusions, and I said that I have the sanity to recognize voices as subconscious mind.

I’m not a murderer, nor a bad person.
I’m not responsible for the voices.
All they know is to order me to kill others and to kill myself

I saw him today. I told him that for some days I thought I was dead. He said that we should have done the injection a few days earlier, every 25 days not a month

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The thing is that I was in good mood, without voices before i entered his office.
When Ieft his office, I had voices and bad mood

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Do you think him not saying much was triggering to you?

I don’t know. When I left my mind was chaotic.
I don’t know what triggered it.
How are you?

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Actually he laughed when I told him that I haven’t told my grandma about the homicidal voices, because she would be afraid of me


I would guess something he did triggered you. Could be even a movement he did or the way he said something.

I’m doing okay! Anxious but otherwise in a good mood. Thanks for asking.

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That’s not a good response in his part :frowning:

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I think he was right to make light of it so you wouldn’t worry that your a murderer


Yes I think that too

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its a good thing you told him. well done. i told my psych and social worker about my thoughts. my psych wanted to know the details but i didnt tell him. well i couldnt tell him . hes upping all my medication and said to see how i feel after that. if no improvement it’s back to hospital. thing is, i live with family. they all need to be kept safe. i get that. still i’m not taking the zyprexa that they tried to push on me. that stuff is like poison to me. i would never hurt anyone and i told them that. i will sooner fix myself because i’m feeling so damn depressed

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