I told myself I'd never eat chips again but then


I found these. Oh my word they are so good


Eat up. Nothing wrong with some chips. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


They seem delicious!
I love chips! :yum:


Im really struggling with animal products


Every single day


These have animal products?


Lol no idea sorry
A lot of crisps do though


Check ingredients
Just relate to failing with food


My favorite


It’s pretty easy to make your own chips. Put some vegetable oil in a pan. Slice a potato really thinly and put it on the oil in a pan. Cook until crispy. These chips will taste a lot better than regular chips. I find they’re good with ranch dressing, but any vegan dip would do. (I think there’s a vegan ranch dip now.)


Sounds great
I think that would be amazing


And I told myself I won’t flip off other drivers anymore. Empty promises.


I’m a sucker for pork rinds. One bag and quickly gone. I can’t imagine they are very healthy. They go down too easy especially the bag you get with a little moisture. I’m a bad Skunk.


I :two_hearts: love pepper chips.

I was brought up with them.


These are tasty.


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