I told my therapist too much?

Hi. I recently told my therapist that I have snap (food stamps). I told her that I don’t have much of an appetite so my moms going to mostly use it. My parents were pissed and thinks they’re going to get in trouble . I also told my therapist that I worked under the table at a restaurant ( which I don’t report to ssi) and my therapist she wouldn’t tell. However I later lied and told her I quit because my parents didn’t want me telling that either. What do you think?

Your therapist legally can’t tattle on you unless she suspects someone is in imminent danger.


How can you work at a restaurant and be on ssdi, food service is hard and stressful. What’s your diagnosis?

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I told my pdoc I gave a couple of my Klonopin to this girl who desperately wanted heroin, and he took me off that antianxiety pill. Your doctor probably can’t report the things you do with your food stamps, but you should never tell that to anyone who isn’t bound by the same legalities as your pdoc, especially a government bureaucrat. I wouldn’t tell that to anyone besides your pdoc, not even your caseworker. Your pdoc will react strongly if you tell him or her about medical matters that pertain to your case. He or she is obligated by law to do so.