I threw up because the voices told me to

Last night.
I don’t have an eating disorder, nor have I ever had one, but I do have trouble eating sometimes when I’m stressed.
Vell, last night, the voices suddenly got very strong and told me to throw it up. I’m not usually one to condone listening to the voices, because it’s not like they can hurt me anyways, but I was feeling really queasy after my meal, and the voices kept telling me to stop being weak, and that I’d feel better once I’d thrown up.
I just wanted them to stop.

So, I jammed my fingers down my throat. Didn’t manage to get much out, and now, 8 hours later, I feel even worse. The urge to throw up is strong, and the voices are loud.
I thought I was doing fine, and then, bam! Surprise! I’m not. Wth?

What do I do? Where do I go from here?
How do I make them stop?

dont listen to the voices and please dont make yourself throw up u dont want to become bulimic tou can mess yourself up by inducing vomiting

Loosen the tension you have built up in your body and head. Lay on your back and just breath while focusing on your brow bone. Even wiggling your toes as you slowly loosen up will ease your mind.

When we are physically sick our natural function and energy gets out of wack. That plus the tension and anxiety is probably what is causing you to being hearing things so intensely and feel messed up.

Let yourself heal and don’t focus on the voices. They can’t harm you. Don’t listen to what they say and act like they are just an annoying tv show in the other room that’s turned up to loud tune an out

I’m not gonna become bulimic from doing it once or twice, am I?

It’s just so hard to tune them out, because they get so loud that I can only block them out with music, and I can’t listen to music while at school or with friends.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be complaining so much. I’m just scared. If they have this much power over me all of a sudden, what’s next, y’know?

I am so nauseous right now, but I’m at school, and it’s a small school, so someone would hear it.
I wanna go home, but I don’t want any more absense marks…

You’re fine that’s what we are here for, to complain to each other lol.
And no you won’t develops an eating disorder for being nauseous and throwing up.

They have no power over you except the power you give them. And that power is allowing their words to effect our emotions and our thoughts. It’s hard sometimes to snap out of that helpless feeling but you do in fact have the power to do so.

Dont get lost in that mean stuff. The world is full of good things and people. Think about what truly makes you happy and what you care about in your heart. drift off in your thoughts about happy things.

1st bandaid.

2g of NAC in 2x 1 g doses (soften compulsion via glutathione upregulating NMDA)

Kava Kava 2x a day (Calm via GABA boost)

Ashwagandha 1x a day (lower cortisol)

2nd make an appointment with a therapist who does cognitive behavior therapy [CBT] (you can train to resolve voice issues as well)

And if you’re at school just focus on the work and the teacher. If you need to get some air or throw up just go and do it. Everyone throes up and gets sick at times.