I threw my parents away because they didn't believe in me

Then and only then could I work. But, when I got lonely, they were in my being all over again and I couldn’t work. My advice, your best bet is to guard yourself against loneliness. Then you’ll know you have friends, mistakes and all.


Your parents in your life stress you out so bad you cant work, is that what you’re saying?

Exactly. But when I was a kid, stress wasn’t even a word/ Nor was depression or mental illness. You’d be surprised how much our society has progressed in 75 years. I have been getting SSI since it came out in the '70s. That probably saved me from suicide or life long state hospitalization.

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I understand to some degree. My parents worsen my mental health, especially when I lived with them. I’m on ssdi now.

Yep I broke free from my father and my brother.

Although, I did see them recently after many many years.

My brother was shocked to see my white hair.

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