I thought you guys might like this

If you have a face book, look up Homer Blind WonderCat
It’s obviously someone trying to sell some sort of inspirational book or something, but people have taken to posting amazing stories about the impaired cats they have (usually blind), their stories and how much they love them.
They are usually kinda the same. Person finds little stray cat. Person falls in love. Goes to the ends of the earth to save the kitty. Kitty loves them back and they are all happy now.
This really struck a nerve with me. I saw myself in the one who’s human takes him out to enjoy the sun every day.
I saw kid sis in snowball (the one that acts towards mini-me [I think it was…] the way kid sis acts towards surprisedJ. (Sorry I post a lot about you guys. You are my favorites on here! Seeing people care for each other just makes me so happy).
If you see a cat that reminds you of you or someone on here please put it here! I would love it!
I love all of these cats! They remind me of all of us, tucked inside our little eggy crates.


Some time, not long ago, I think it may have started with the death of my mother, I became incredibly emotional. I watch all manner of emotional and “cute” videos on youtube. I cry during movies. Babies and animals make me smile all the time. I’ve become a real sap. hehe.

I’ll check it out.