I thought these Costco(?) multivitamins promise A Lot

Been taking these finally and feel better. Pics below to help maybe(?), some say it just makes for more expensive urine… but the back label has me sold now.

I wonder if technology has improved in this area, bc I don’t know if The Centrum folk can say all of this.


Costco brand calcium-magnesium gave me nausea and sometimes I vomitted, I think it has too much calcium, 600mg. Now I take 300mg and no more nausea or vomitting.

Its called Kirkland.

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Gummies, I would afraid of eating the whole bottle lol as they taste good

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Lol - ok yes it is, I like their coffee, Kirkland coffee. Miss the pouches they sold it in bc that would serve as a fail safe in going overboard on strength of the stuff.

My Dad never complains about my coffee habit… he likes coffee. Can not believe I had my first one as late as college.

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We use that too, the 1.36kg ground Colombian Kirkland one.

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That’s really funny. :laughing:

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We get our stuff from Costco all the time.
Kirkland is a decent brand.

Love their organic peanut butter especially.

I use Kirkland Mature vitamins for folks over 50.

Good stuff!


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