I thought it was funny

I was housesitting at my sisters a few years ago. I wasn’t really supposed to but I went through her refrigerator looking for something to eat or drink. She had a plastic container of what looked like milk so I took a sip. Wow! It was sweet and it tasted like vanilla. I thought it was a milkshake. There was more than a quart of it in there. I drank a little more, and a little more. Then I just drank the whole thing down thinking I would drive through McDonalds’ before my sister came home and replace it.

Well I ended up not replacing it and I left her house while she was on her way home from the airport. A couple of days later I got a call from my sister. She sounded mad and she said, 'What did you do with my pitcher of creamer"? What I thought was a milkshake was creamer you put in your coffee! You’re only supposed to use a teaspoon for each cup of coffee but I drank a quart of the stuff straight down at one time, lol!


Pretty funny man!

When you said house sitting I instantly thought babies and another kind of milk. Doubt the one I was thinking of would’ve been sweet though. Great true story

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Had the same thought as @mellowyellow. Was told once human mothers milk tastes a bit like rrockmelon or what some of you call cantaloupe. ok lets not go there…smile.

Ah man thats TMI

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