I thought I was the coward

These people go out of their way to bug me and use me and wreck my life and then they have the nerve to act like I should feel sorry for them. They have no guts and no shame and no pride. They don’t deserve to be treated as humans. They don’t have the right to be treated like humans.

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Who are you talking about?

Some of my actions, or lack of action, has been pretty cowardle, but not nearly as cowardly as what is being done to me.

I’m talking about people around me. I guess they are begging for me to treat them bad. I don’t know, I had a rough night. Live and learn.

And I totally understand that. People who take advantage of peoples kindness are cowards.

Nick, how do you like the Seroquel so far? Do you think it is doing a good job of reducing some of your symptoms? Maybe a med adjustment might be needed? I dont know - I am just asking - I do hope you find some peace/relief soon

The seroquel calms me down. Sedates me. I’m in an insane situation. The people around me are using me and not even trying to hide it. I’m supposed to treat my neighbor downstairs like she is a poor old lady meanwhile she is busy acting crazy.

I’m sick of this crap.

old people…

When I was on Abilify, I thought the neighbor across the street from me was conspiring against me- Abilify was not doing a good job with my paranoia - it was worsening it actually. Maybe you can talk to your doctor and see what he thinks - there are a lot of options out there. Seroquel is a very weak antipsychotic, it is more of a super benzo - I do not think it is a very effective medication for more moderate to severe psychotic symptoms like paranoia and such

It sure is sedating. I’ve got to calm down and get to sleep.

Hang in there Nick, feel better soon

I’m learning. Thanks.

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