I thought I was sober but actually not exactly

I usually lead a very restricted life by not taking snack and excessive drinks and my weight was under control. But today I behaved the opposite. My husband came back from travel last night and brought home some novel food such as walnuts candies. Today I missed the walnut candies so much that I could not stay concentrated on my reading and writing. Instead I frequently went to the candy box to get a bar of walnut candy. So far I have eaten 6 bars and feel full and a bit uncomfortable. It seemed I was just like a kid who has no control over how much one should eat…What a shame!

it’s OK to splurge once in a while. As long as you don’t make it a habit. Nothing to feel guilty about.


Thank you for this comforting word. Now I realized I am the one who can not resist temptations. I often ask my husband to take all those delicious snacks to his office so that I can not reach them. If he places too many tasty food at home I will surely eat them during the day.

Yeah, that’s why I try not to bring unhealthy food into my house. If it’s here, I will eat it up. I used to keep two boxes of crackers and a couple cans of olives in my cupboard at all times in case I have guests. But I stopped doing that because I kept eating them up myself.

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He bought clothes for me before but most of the clothes he bought was too small or too big for me. So if I say to him no food as gifts it would be hard to find something as a gift.

I like the way of living in which one doesn’t not have much food except teas or coffees.

You might be right by saying that.

I am pretty spiritual by nature. So a set of postcards with poems on it or a music CD or a small pack of tea will make me smile.

Sometimes I do wish this site to be more spiritual by more posts about poems, paintings and philosophical debates.

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self disipline is hard, but worth persevering…no candy bars for you…!?!..lol
i have the same problem with alcohol…i don’t drink but the taste can spur me on to more drinking.
take care

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I am also afraid of eating too much…I’ve lost like 40 pounds but I just stopped smoking and they say you gain 30 pounds when you stop smoking? I will have more money for groceries and plan on cooking more but I am really going to watch what I eat…it’s Halloween time here in the US too and that means I have to be careful not to eat too much candy.


i do that sometimes, ill just eat like 3 or 4 burgers and a large milkshake and pop and anything i can think of , then food coma lol

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That was really too much, levelJ. I usually don’t take formal meals if I have eaten a lot of snack. Above all I am afraid of the temptation of food.

yes i know, i actually had a very bad diet for a while, at one point i was eating 20+ fast food burgers a week in the summers when i was busy with work, i dont gain weight from it because i am very active but my heart/cardiovascular did not like it.

dont be afraid of food just learn to moderate your junk food cravings

my diet still isnt great, in the past 2 days i ate , 5 burgers, a whole medium pizza, thai food 2 meals (healthy) , and it was thanksgiving today in canada so I ate a lot of food!

Wow, that’s really a lot! You must have a good circulation in your brain blood vessels otherwise you will feel a coma frequently. I don’t like food coma, so I generally view food as my enemy. I eat two small meals everyday and have no snack between the meal times.

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I’ve done things like eating five candy bars on after another. It left me feeling a little guilty. I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you don’t do this too often.


Dont be so hard on yourself @green5 - I mean its ok to indulge in eating comfort foods once in a while.
I have been eating a bit too much junk food lately - but eating unhealthy snacks once in a while is just fine - we are human afterall

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