I thought I was done with this belief

From the moment this voice entered my head it’s all been about the Christian religion. I had no prior knowledge of the religion but the first thought of the voice was about heaven and hell. It’s been all evil thoughts about the religion and blashpemous, six months of hearing this voice I lost control of my body and speech, like I was completely possessed. Like I was locked in a cage inside my own body. I have noticed the voice is the exact opposite of the truth, and when I pray on my knees this thing inside me goes ballistic and starts slamming my head on the floor. I have been thinking I’ve been possessed, and have been told by my family and doctors and pastors that I am not. I came to accept that I was ill until today, I was almost completely positive I was possessed. Any input would help, thanks.

When they came they said certain things to me also.

That they would torture me forever, angels were being defeated, the control of the weather, resurrection from death.

At one point they kept drawing alot of attention to a dragon in a video game, and also at one point they kept drawing alot of attention to the word “SPIRITS” on the side of a building

At a pizza place they said i was sitting at the table of the anti-christ also.

They have also physically harmed me twice while appearing visually, both instances causing physical pain, and when i began seeing them and hearing voices i also started looking at the clock at the same times over and over again.

It started with 3, and then 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 616, 911, 1111.

They have accurately predicted who would win the superbowl twice, and have told me where to find things when i didn’t know, and the other day they made a joke about the time when i didn’t know what time it was, they knew what time it was.

Almost all of my visual hallucinations have been seen by shaman throughout the ages and places of the world, im no where near the only one seeing this stuff.

Who, i don’t know, why, i don’t know, how, i don’t know.

But schizophrenia is not schizophrenia at all, they just aren’t defining it rightly at all, although it’s completely evil.

A possession, i don’t really know, but my mind was most certainly invaded by someone, i can say that with certainty now and they have also proven it to me in many different ways.