I thought I was dangaerous

So I withdrew from people which made me ignorant and insecure until I discovered that I really am not qualified to be around children. I have to train myself not to be afraid of them and to behave in an acceptable manner. This is difficult for me because I don’t have the usual feminine interest in and energy for children.


I need to be around people who know what they’re doing.

My daughter doesn’t deal with young children well. They are too loud, unpredictable, and in your space. It’s just too much for her anxiety. Downside is that her bio dad has three little ones. She always struggles when she goes to visit. I don’t even know if she will be willing to visit them again. Her stepmom told her that there was no point in them “pursuing a relationship further”, and we don’t know why. My poor daughter!

Sorry- got a little off-topic!


Not off target at all. My anxiety about children is innate. Without using birth control, I never got pregnant. Mother nature and I agreed that I should not attempt motherhood. It isn’t for everyone.

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At least you know that about yourself and act accordingly. That’s really wise.

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Yes. At gets a little difficult socially when all my peers are talking about their grandchildren, but hey, I stayed out of jail. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol. Hilarious!!!

Not really! I had NO common sense about children. I didn’t know them from midgets and children are so much different from being tiny adults. Their needs scared me away. I wasn’t capable of that kind of responsibility.

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Yeah. It’s a lot of responsibility. It’s not for everyone.

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I have no children when I see how I turned out, and how other kids are I know I would have been a terrible dad. I stabbed my parents in the back and kids do that now to their parents. I shouldn’t always be a one way street. No triggers intended, honest.

I’m approaching 40 now and still undecided about children. But it’s crunch time and if I want to be pregnant in the future, it will be expensive. Maybe I’ll adopt – if I get around to it.

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