I think...you are here

you are all here, too entertain me.
so hereby i say go ahead

I will do my best.

What tree has the loudest bark? A dogwood…

How do you tell if it is a dogwood tree. By it bark.

Just had to add that.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

Not part of the joke. In the winter time I can tell a dogwood tree by it bark.

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Throw a stick, a dog chases it.
Throw a dog, does a dogwood chase it?

well you did ask for it…listen to my music! It’s by the same guy from slipknot (yes the guy wearing a mask screaming about death and insanity), but it’s nice and acoustic soft

Well today felt like all planes of existence and levels of consciousness where in synchronicity with well everything. Felt weird… Almost triggered an episode until I got hit in the face with a backpack on the bus. Like the universe was saying HEY enjoy this I know its uncomfortable but at least its not boring…
Then I almost wigged out in the lobby waiting for my doctor and instead my bodyguard needed a place to sit on the end so I scooted over and made room for him. Then we were the puppet master and not the puppets.
Strange day, almost like a movie. Wonder what ill have to report tomorrow