I think we should have a right to choose our neighbors

I don’t like our neighbors, I want to have other neighbors.
I don’t want to just randomly go about picking apartments where people are chaotically scattered.
I would like the faculty of the department of mathematics at Ariel University to live together
and be protected from other people, live together and separately from other people.

I had a neighbour who was a bully. She took advantage of my illness. Glad she has gone now

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I guess this family doesn’t have neighbors.


ugly people do ugly things.

My roommate is not mentally ill but she is crazy. That is a bad thing. She doesnt allow me to take a shower. I have to use the shower elsewhere in town. When i took a shower at home she yelled at me like a mad pig. Screaming her head off demanding money and accusing me living on her expence. God put me together with this woman and i decided to endure. I belive she has good effect on me somehow.

Even if you move into a house or an apartment with nice neighbors, you never know how long they will live there. People move, new people come in.

That’s something that it helps a lot to have money to do. Maybe if you do intensive research you can find a community of even tempered, quiet living people to live around for not much money.

I feel your pain @Erez_Shmerling. The wife and I were looking at the Child Services site today to see about calling them. The mother next store screams at her kids incessantly. I feel so badly for those poor children and the parents are vile to live next to. Unfortunately, they own, so there is no landlord to complain to. We’re either moving to the more expensive section of town or buying another acreage just outside of town.